Hope thru Soap has one mission… Hoping to make someone’s day better than the day before. Hope thru Soap provides the necessities of a hot meal, clean clothing, a hot shower and a haircut to those who do not have access to these services. There is no judgement of those needing assistance. Everyone is welcome to get help from us, regardless of their circumstances.

Jason Winter founded Hope thru Soap in September of 2016. He identified this need when he was providing food to the homeless population in various parts of Atlanta that summer. He had his vision of a mobile shower unit and put it into action by September. Mr. Winter’s SUV pulled the shower trailer, and he and a team of volunteers traveled to different areas on Saturdays to provide this service. Hygiene bags would be put together from donations of travel size shampoos and soaps. Towels that were also donated were handed to each person as they entered the shower. Volunteers would assist in serving food and helping manage the shower process.

As Hope thru Soap grew in awareness and popularity over the next year, organizations and people would come out to donate their time and clothes on Saturdays.

In the fall of 2017, Mr. Winter recognized that there was a need to transport clothing in a different way than garbage bags from volunteers. He had a vision to give individuals dignity by letting them select clothing based on size in a mobile “closet” of sorts.

In February of 2018, Hope thru Soap debuted the Closet Bus. This is a transport bus that has been converted into a mobile closet. We stock it with men’s and women’s shirts, pants, socks, underwear and children’s clothes. Guests are able to “shop” for clothing that is clean (either new or used) and in good condition.

In the back of the bus is a barber chair, where guests can get a shave and/or haircut.

In March of 2018, Kidz of Hope was created. This is a program designed to enable more fortunate children to make an impact on the homeless population in Atlanta. Kidz of Hope child volunteers have fundraisers that help with operational costs of going out on the weekends, as well as serve on Saturdays. Scout troops, schools, church groups and families participate in this program, show kids how they can make a difference and help other children and individuals living on the streets. Children come out with their families and serve meals, pass out backpacks, and play with kids we serve.  

In December of 2018, Hope thru Soap acquired a building space from which we operate during the week. We collect and sort donations that are taken out each Saturday on the bus.

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